06 August, 2009


saw one of the "that's so gay" commercials on tv yesterday. finally! these are long past overdue. check out the website here.

i went to a family wedding on saturday. my mother was worried about me going and i think in some ways didn't want to go - she said i'd make people uncomfortable. we fought a lot about this and along with the fact that i'd see my grandma. i did finally come out to my grandmas and my one great aunt and they were all awesome. so the wedding was totally cool and everyone seemed happy to see me, used the correct name and pronouns. i spent most of my time there with grandma actually, talking, drinking beer and dancing - what an awesome grandma. i had a minor incident with a cousin who felt the need to criticize me and my decisions. it was an odd moment, but a mere road bump in a good weekend.

and this past tuesday was my revision with dr. fischer. i had my consultation on monday and they were impressed with how well i healed and how good my chest looked. she reassured me that the surgery was going to be quick and that she was going to do minor touch-ups (i had both of my areolas re-sized and a bit of extra tissue taken out). surgery was tuesday morning and everything went really smoothly. i was in surgery for about an hour and back in the hotel by noon. the anesthesia i had this time was different and didn't make me feel as sick or groggy as what i had last time. i've been taking it easy - napping, eating, reading, watching tv - but overall i feel good, much better than how i felt a few days after my initial surgery. i am looking forward to hopefully a quicker recovery than last time and being able to work out again and tone my muscles.



Firebolt said...

Glad to hear about your smooth coming out to your family. Isn't it ironic that sometimes, somehow, older people accept us as we are but it is the younger ones who have problem in accepting?

I've seen your chest pics and it looks mighty fine! I want to have top surgery, too, but I'm afraid I must wait till I've grown up, am independent and have saved enough money. I hope to come out of it looking so great. :)

All the best with your transition.

Cheers! ^_^

Luke said...

Thanks - sending you good vibes as well.

Diana said...

So many good things!! Gotta love Grams