11 August, 2009

1 Week Post-Op Revision

today it has been one week since surgery and i'm feeling pretty good. i'm thankfully not in any pain, mostly discomfort when i sleep because i have to sleep on my back, but other than that i don't have any complaints.

here's what my chest looks like today - notice that there's not much bruising or swelling. there is medical tape around my areolas, protecting the stitches and the yellowness in the center of my chest is from a green sharpie marker still coming off.

compare to 9 days post-op from the initial surgery (9 months ago)- lots of bruising and swelling and not to mention my gross areola and nipple. during my revision dr. fischer took a small part of my good nipple and sewed it into the one that had healing issues (i still had a tiny indent left over after nine months of healing on the left side).



Toby said...

Looking great my friend.

Luke said...

Thanks Toby!

Anonymous said...

It's pictures like these that give me hope, when it comes to chest surgery :)

Glad you're doing well!