26 August, 2009


i'm glad i've been able to blog more this month - i've been enjoying writing more frequently. yesterday was the three week mark from my revision surgery on my chest. my chest is looking really good so far. i'm feeling alright - it's sore and achy every so often because i'm probably pushing myself too hard. the photo to my left is what my chest looks like as of yesterday. i only have one small scab over my left nipple.

i went to the dmv yesterday to get a new picture on my driver's license because the picture i had on it looked nothing like me. when i went to change my license over to a vermont state license last year the woman who was helping me automatically changed my sex on it to "m" with no questions asked (the sex on my previous license was marked "f"). i was surprised this had happened, as i was anticipating having to have an "f" on my license. so back to yesterday and getting my new picture - i handed in my old license, got a new picture, waited two minutes and received my new license, very pleased with my new picture (the woman helping me never said anything about my sex). when i took it out to look at it later in the day, i noticed that my sex had been changed back to "f"! i'm wondering if i was listed in their data base as "f"? this is the only thing i can think of at the moment because i am read as male all of the time now. i guess i'll just have to make another trip back there and let them know they made a mistake.

and some interesting stories in the news regarding sex and gender i thought i would pass on:
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Anonymous said...

Man, that sucks about the marker getting changed back! I hope that it's not a challenge getting the M reinstated. Your chest looks good, though... hardly any scarring!

Dodo Bird said...

Ugh that sucks! I hope you don't have a problem changing it..