18 May, 2010

15 days post-op

i had my post-operative appointment with my surgeon this morning and it went smoothly, as expected. besides the mild-endometriosis she found, she said everything else looks healthy and gave me the okay to begin working out again. i also asked her what everything is in the pictures she took during surgery for me (refer to picture from previous post). in the top left picture: my uterus is in the top left-hand corner and my fallopian tube is running down the far right-hand side of the picture. it's all pretty much the same contents in the other pictures, they are just taken from different angles.

overall, i am feeling well and really looking forward to working out again. i've had a little bit of pain over the past week and fortunately have been off the pain pills.

11 days post-op and some irritation from my band-aids

12 days post-op and what my incisions look like


09 May, 2010

ovary and out!

...back again after a long break!

i had my surgery this past monday and everything went smoothly.
removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes = bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

my surgeon found mild endometriosis, which is what i figured the culprit of my pain was. i don't really remember what else she said to me as the recovery on monday was quite rough. i think it was a mix of not eating much the day before, the drugs from anesthesia, the morphine in recovery and the percocet i took before leaving the hospital...quite the mix there! i was out of it and nauseous for the rest of the day. i was in the most pain the day of surgery, (not very much compared to top surgery) though couldn't hold anything in my stomach in order to take a pain pill.

i had two amazing nurses over the course of the week who took very good care of me. i've just been taking it easy, trying to get as much sleep as possible and trying to get used to eating again. my pain has been minimal and i am only taking half a percocet in the morning and evening. the only part that is bothersome and uncomfortable is my belly button, where one small vertical incision is (maybe only half an inch long). it's quite an awkward place for an incision because your belly moves every time you do! anyway, i'm feeling pretty good now and unfortunately have to go back to work tomorrow. i was told i could begin exercising a week after surgery, though i am hesitant because of my belly button incision and am probably going to wait another week or until my post-operative appointment on the 18th.

and check out this sweet gift from my surgeon! i really have no idea what anything is!