29 July, 2009

penis dream

last night i had my first dream of actually having a penis - or at least a dream that i can remember. it's not that i don't have a penis in my dreams, more that i just don't dream of my genitalia. it was a pretty basic dream, nothing too special happened. i was mostly just peeing (standing up of course) throughout the dream. i think i was just so excited about having a penis that i just wanted to keep using it (i like how i used it to pee instead of having sex - the horny pubescent boy that i am...).

anyone have any genitalia dreams they want to share?!



Anonymous said...

I have the feeling that I have dreamt about having a penis, but I can't remember. Recently, it's been quite the opposite -- I've been dreaming about looking around for bathrooms where I could sit to pee.

Once or twice though, while fully awake, I've forgotten that I don't have a penis! For instance, I wondered whether I should use boxer briefs instead of just boxers, for the extra support they offer.

It's strange, because I didn't think I had "bottom" dysphoria (and I don't usually want a penis). I guess body perceptions can flow back and forth.

Andrei said...

I've had a couple penis dreams. The one that left the most impression on me occurred years ago: I was in the hallway of my all-girls high school (how's that for irony?) and having sex with it. Well, with a girl, using it.

Most recently I had a strange lack-of-penis dream, wherein it was supposed to magically grow at the crucial moment, and just didn't, resulting in much frustration. But most of the time it's not something I'm acutely aware of in dreams.

joaquinjack27 said...
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joaquinjack27 said...

Well, I've been having a crapload of trans-related dreams lately, the worst one being one where my mom came back to life (she passed away 8 years ago) and was calling me a scam artist and a fraud in public. It hurt a lot in the dream, and on top of that, it didn't even make sense when I woke up. How would I possibly be using my trans status to my advantage or as a way to scam people in any way? This is the hardest thing in my life and I go out of my way not to hurt anyone else with it, so the way she called me a fraud was not only awful, but completely irrelevant.

I think it might have been an anxiety dream about people who are closest to me thinking the worst of me for completely wrong and ignorant reasons. The funny thing is, if she WAS alive, I think she'd understand me more than anyone else.

But yeah, I wrote about a couple other trans dreams on my blog, and I do think it's kinda weird that I haven't had a lot of penis related dreams. I think I've had sex dreams where I had a penis a long time ago, but those are kinda just taken for granted. The ones that are societal related jump out at me more.


winnie may said...

Yo, i know this post is pretty old, but it's relevant to me because I was just thinking about penis dreams the other day. I can remember having my first penis dream when i was about 14 and feeling really freaked out by it (argh poor kid having to battle with terrible internalised transphobia..). occasionally these days i have the odd sexual penis dream, or strange dreams when i'll look down suprised to see it in my pants and think everyone will noticethe buldge..