20 May, 2008


it's felt like a century between this tuesday and last tuesday. i'll be giving myself my second injection of testosterone tomorrow - really looking forward it. i'm going to try to record it visually on my computer and post it on the blog. 

i told my parents yesterday about me starting t. i was worried at first because i really only said anything to my mom a while back about seeing an endocrinologist. my dad was cool with it, didn't say much - just asked how i was paying for it (insurance!) and what changes would happen. my mom didn't sound too pleased, she's definitely having a rough time. she asked a lot of questions about what would happen once on t. she was concerned that i'd look completely different in 2 weeks when i'm supposed to see my grandma. but then she said something cool: "is this something you're happy about?" of course i replied yes and i think she was a little relieved. though she ended the conversation with "are you sure you know what you're doing...?" she's taking baby steps, but i know she'll come around. i'm really glad i told them because it was hanging over my head. i didn't want to be on t for a while and then let me know (after changes have really occurred). i want to be open about this process with them.

today i gave a "trans 101" presentation for my colleagues here at SIT. i sent out an e-mail asking if people were interested and a lot of people replied. i decided it was important to do it because there is so much unknown about the trans community by "outsiders". the overall goals of my presentation was for the participants to gain awareness on the trans community and have resources available to them (i made a hand out). i think about 45 people showed up - i was so surprised - i really didn't expect that many people. i covered a little bit of everything- terms, nurture vs. nature, transitioning, complexities, etiquette and how to be an ally. everyone seemed to be really responsive and enthusiastic about learning. i hope everyone was able to take away something. 



Anonymous said...

Lucas, your presentation sounds like it was amazing! I can actaully picture you as a speaker fo rthe trans community, your plain awesome!!! Love you!!!I wish I did not miss this event. :(
<3 taub.

Diana said...

Hearing your child is putting mad hormones in their body is a scary thing! It's great that the parentals are being so understanding. :)