23 May, 2008


i've been on T for 10 days so far - here are some changes i've noticed:
-more energy (not sure if it's from adrenaline from being so excited about starting)
-urine smells different
-voice sounded different very briefly one day
-i feel "different", don't really know how, but it's positive 
-increased sex drive (!)

*name change update*

i received a letter in the mail today from the judge:

i am in receipt of and have reviewed your application to change your name. according to new york state law, you have a right to assume any name that you choose so long as you are not doing so for fraudulent or deceitful purposes, to evade responsibility, to avoid an obligation, or to interfere with the rights of others.

upon reviewing your application, it is apparent that you are trying to change your name from a traditionally female name ("nicole") to a traditionally male name ("lucas"). the application before me provides no reason for the change and thus, i am unable to conclude that your purpose is not fraudulent, deceitful or being done to evade or confuse your true identity. it is your burden of proof to convince me otherwise.

if you wish to submit any additional information to me in support of your application, please do so within the next twenty (20) days or your application shall be deemed denied.


i am angry. this is a clear case of discrimination and a conservation judge. i've been scrambling around this afternoon, e-mailing, calling, trying to figure out what to do. if i wish to send something "in support of my application" i need to do so by this tuesday. anyone have any ideas?



Diana said...

Letters from doctors/therapists/other authority figures who can claim you aren't crazy or trying to change your identity to evade something illegal.

Scope out the internet and see what others have done?

Sorry the judge a d-bag.

Ryan said...

Can you ask for a different Judge?
Your Letter from your Therapist should be enough.
I would have what ever you do send, Notarized....
So they don't question it.

Bet from the group we attended
knows a lot of people he might be able to help you.

I am sorry the Judge is being so damn difficult.
They should have All the questions they need answered on one form.

Stay Brave, and keep your Chin Up.