14 May, 2008

happy birThday to me!

yesterday went so smoothly- more so than i ever expected. the staff at the hospital were amazing, really kind and definitely didn't fit the stereotype of someone who works in the medical system these days (cranky, impatient...). so keep this short and sweet, i received my first shot of T yesterday! actually the nurse showed me how to do it and i gave myself my first shot and will now be doing my own injections once a week on tuesdays....testosterone tuesdays. it's hard to believe that this actually happened - i've been reading about it for so long, this process was merely words on a page, but now it's my reality. as matt kailey (author of "just add hormones) wrote in so many words: "trans people transition to LIVE." i am only now at 23 beginning my real life. i am beaming with energy, with smiles, with life. 

i will write more later about my day yesterday, maybe add some pictures. 

for now, peace,


Anonymous said...

happy birThday, man!

iT brings Tears To my eyes aT The ThoughT of how much you have workT (heehee) for This and how long you have waiTed...


DB, The ass.

Diana said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Lucas,
When I saw you today, you looked SO happy--I'm very glad for you. You have my support!

: )


Ryan said...


Happy First T Day to you Buddy!
I am so proud of you.

Stay Proud