08 May, 2008


dudes- heard this on npr today.

i have a great response to it, just have to figure out how to copy it into the body of the post.


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Anonymous said...

That was interesting. Its hard to believe how much trouble people can have with letting their children simply be who they are. I thought about this today as I watched my sister's son run around with his cousin (female) in a dress. I don't think this really meant anything as such, its an emotional time, and it could be a reaction to the situation,and really a call for attention, but what struck me was his parents reaction. I guess its a normal reaction, but the instant response was to yell at him and tell him to get out of the dress- that it wasn't the right thing to be wearing. Now, I don't know exactly what I would have done in that same situation, as I am not a parent, however it just made me more aware of how programmed people are to the idea of gender and how scared they are of deviations from the norm. I consider myself very lucky to have become more aware of the concept of transgender,and hope to use this awareness in some positive way- whether it be my nephew's case, or any other situation I may encounter in the future. Honestly, I think the world would be a much better place if people went back to their childhood when they loved to color outside of the lines, and realized that drawing boxes only limits the potential of the world we live in.