28 April, 2008


april 15th i received a letter from the supreme court chambers about my name change application...apparently i filled out the forms wrong:

"the court finds that you did not complete paragraph 6 which asked if you are married or have been married previously...if you have any children...we will need their names and copies of their birth certificates...finally please forward to the court a copy of your driver's license...upon receipt of this information, the court will reconsider your application..."

so after receiving this i looked through all of my paper work to see if it said any of this and like i thought i couldn't find it anywhere in any of the documents - nothing telling me to state that i am or was married, have/had children or anything about a copy of my driver's license. i called up the office and the woman was actually pretty nice compared to my other interactions with workers from the court house. she said that people get their name change applications from different places and therefore they are all different...thus some of them missing imperative information. you think they would have a standard document(s) so this problem doesn't keep occurring. the secretary then proceeded to ask me if i am/was married or have children and i told her no and she said "okay". i asked her if i needed to submit this in writing and she said she didn't know, she had to check with the law clerk. i called again today and she said she's still waiting for an answer. i think if i don't hear by the end of the week i'm just going to write up something and send it in instead of waiting. how difficult is it to answer this question...?

t-minus two weeks until my appointment with the endocrinologist. martha is going with me, i'm going to make her take pictures and ask all of the questions i'll probably forget about. oh man, i'm so ready to start t (testosterone, and "t" as it's popularly known to the trans community), but i know these two weeks are going to fly by. 


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