01 January, 2009

movie review

first and foremost: happy new year!

i recently watched the documentary "red without blue" and really enjoyed it and wanted to share. it's a documentary (released in 2007?) about identical twins. it was filmed over the course of a three year period when the twins were young adults. the documentary focuses on the twins close relationship and the family dynamics surrounding their close relationship and how it evolved over the years. the twins grew up in a conservative community, eventually came out as gay, dealt with drug abuse, divorce, separation from each other and one twin comes out as transgender (mtf). the twins and parents do a lot of reflecting on their relationships, how the relationships have changed through their own self discoveries and what dealing with those changes has been like.

i thought this was a very honest documentary and really appreciated the perspective, although i found most of it to be quite sad. i also really appreciated being able to see how, especially the mother's, each person's perspective changed through the filming period. lastly, what i enjoyed was being able to hear the family's perspective on their changing dynamic - i suppose i particularly enjoyed that aspect because i've been dealing with changing family dynamics lately. i actually bought this movie for my parents hoping it would give them good perspective also, but they haven't received it yet.

check out the website: www.redwithoutblue.com


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