04 January, 2009


just a bunch of random things i'd like to make a note of...

-my sense of smell is going out the door, this past month i've noticed a huge decrease (i believe this is because of testosterone...has anyone else noticed this?)
-i'm growing my side burns out - they're barely noticeable
-i finally found hairs on my chin
-my chest is healing very nicely - the hole on my left side is finally beginning to heal
-my old insurance company has at last paid for my endocrinologist visits from may and august
-i heard my birth name the other day and it was really difficult to hear, even though i wasn't being called by it
-i listen too much and don't speak enough
-i wish my town had a bigger trans community
-a cabin in the woods sounds perfect right about now


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Anonymous said...


I have a cabin in the woods you're welcomed to visit anytime. It just happens to be in Arkansas though.

Caitlin K.