14 July, 2009

what happened to transster?

those of you familiar with transster (for those unfamiliar, it was an internet archive of surgeons performing specific types of trans surgeries and pictures of these surgeries....as you can imagine this was a very useful resource for many) may have realized that the website has been down for the past two months or so. i am unsure if there was any word as to what has happened with the site and information collected there.

i recently found a similar site that a transman and his partner have decided to start up in light of transster being down. i believe the site was just put up, so there are some kinks to work out. the site is called transbucket. check it out and post your pictures. props to the creators!



Anonymous said...

There is also another new transition gallery seeking participants.

It is a full spectrum gallery for FTM/MTF participants at all stages of transition.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that.

You can view the site at www.ftmcommunity.com/itransition

Luke said...

thanks for this resource