23 June, 2009

and again.

thank you to my dear friend who shared this poem with me. i am constantly reminded of it and reflect on its words often...i've posted it once quite a while ago, but thought i would post it again.

once a young woman asked me,
"how does it feel to be a man?"
and i replied,
"my dear, i am not so sure."
then she said,
"well, aren't you a man?"
and this time i replied,
"i view gender as a beautiful
animal that people often take for
a walk on a leash and might
enter in some odd contest
to try to win strange prizes."
my dear, a better question
for Hafiz would have been,
"how does it feel to be a heart?"
for all i know is love and
i find my heart infinite and everywhere
-Hafiz, Sufi mystic, 1320 - 1389

to my readers, if you so boldly choose to comment:
-has anyone ever asked you a similar question (how does it feel to be a man/woman?)? and how did you reply?
-what are your thoughts on Hafiz's response? do you agree or disagree with him - why?

thanks for reading and commenting. peace.


Diana said...

I agree with Hafiz's response--what does it matter the gender? All that matters is the heart. There are "manly" women and "womanly" men, manly men and feminine women, who cares? It's all in who they are.

Natalia Lafont said...

Freud said the only differences between a man and woman are the traits they choose to explore based on society's expectations. We are all capable of feminine and masculine characteristics. Your blog is very inspiring! and Informative!