31 March, 2009

news and news

excellent news - i've finally finished my thesis...well i finished it about a week ago and pending its approval i will soon have my masters of arts in teaching! after a week of relaxing i am only now beginning to catch up on everything else.

i want to thank everyone who reads my blog and comments - i appreciate your support, participation and insight.

this isn't trans related, but i just saw the movie "the beautiful truth" (2008). if you are interested in food, your health and the environment, i'd suggest you check it out. i found it on netflix and here's the website: www.thebeautifultruthmovie.com

the comments on the phrase "man enough" were great - thanks for your thoughts. stereotypical gender roles are obviously intertwined into language - this quote and many others as evidence. while i'm sure some people use this phrase seriously, i've been fortunate enough to have only heard it used jokingly.

when i was thinking of this phrase and its connotations, the word "metrosexual" came up. wikipedia defines metrosexual as: "...generally applied to heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, and/or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically attributed to gay men." i have heard this term used seriously, in fact by my own parents! i think this word is quite silly because when used seriously, it implies that heterosexual men (the manly men, the man enough men....sarcastic tone...) aren't supposed to be concerned with looking good or taking care of themselves, which is ridiculous (who doesn't want to smell good or have clean teeth?). this word has certainly emphasized quite an absurd gender role. i think it also emphasizes society's difficulty to accept people who do not fit stereotypical gender roles or who do not fit into the gender binary (either masculine or feminine). with that said, i'm not a fan of the word.

peace dudes.

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Diana said...

This ad is all over LA. I think of your "man enough" post whenever I see it: