03 November, 2008

surgery is...tomorrow!

one last blog before surgery...
finally arrived in timonium, maryland last night around 8:30 ish. i left vermont around 9 to pick up lizzy b. in new jersey (dirty jersey...the armpit of america...). after a twenty-minute detour and a missed bus, we met up around 3ish. we had to pick up liz's car and stop for coffee and gas, so i don't think we were on the road until sometime around 4. then there was a horrible accident on 95 south and it took us almost 2 hours to pass it....so i spent the WHOLE day in the car.

this morning i went to dr. fischer's office to get pictures taken and get fitted for my post-surgery vest. i was supposed to have my consultation this morning, but it got changed to tomorrow morning before surgery because dr.fischer is out of town today. the nurse also explained the drains and liz got a little green, but i'm sure i'll be fine draining them myself. got the prescription for pain relievers also, so everything today went smoothly and bonus that the nurse was a) super nice and b) cute as hell.

we found a wegmans (for those of you unfamiliar with wegmans, it is an awesome grocery store, they have their own brand, their food is amazing, their stores are huge and there is always lots of freshly cooked food)! totally the highlight of my day and we went grocery shopping because we have a kitchenette (large fridge, microwave and two burners). not much to say about timonium - lots of strip malls.

so tomorrow i'm going in at 7:30 am for my consultation and then surgery. i'll update later this week. don't forget to VOTE!



Ryan said...

Hey Lucas,

Happy Surgery Day Buddy.....
I know How Important This Surgery Is For You My Friend


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Best of luck in surgery tomorrow... I hope you have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you Luke! Keep us all updated as you can.

All the Best!
-Caitlin K.

Anonymous said...

Given the time difference, you're probably under right now... sweet dreams! You're in great hands.

I was a little squeamish about the drains, then that turned into distain---I hated those little b@stards. ;)

Awesome you have a kitchenette. It sounds like you're well setup for a smooth healing.

Looking forward to your next posts!