10 November, 2008

quick update

post-op day 6
i was hoping to be able to go home today, however i spoke to dr.fishcer's nurse this morning and she said i could get the drains removed tomorrow if everything is looking good. i can't wait to get the drains removed because they're just bugging me now and it feels like they're tugging on my skin all the time where the enter underneath my armpit. the left side of my chest definitely hurts more, but i'm really in not much pain, just mostly tired. so if all goes well i'll get the drains out tomorrow and be on my way back to vermont. thankfully i don't have to be back at work until next monday, so i have the rest of the week to relax. i'll update later this week.



Anonymous said...

I hope that the drain removal went well for you, and that you've had a good chance to relax/recover.

Ryan said...

Hey Luke,

I know your feeling a hell of a lot better now that your drains are out. Hope the long drive home didn't aggravate your chest to much.
Glad your back on T........
Rest and sleep as much as you can, your body is healing and really needs it.