21 October, 2008

"if you were born a boy...."

i had an interesting conversation with a friend last night and somehow we got to talking about my name and if my parents like my name. i think my parents like my name, but i did everything so quickly, they kind of had to jump aboard. so i called my mom this morning to talk to her about my name. she said she likes my name and she sounded honest, so i believe her. and then i asked her what her and my father were going to name me if i had been born male. she said they had a hard time remembering, but then remembered that they wanted to name me after my dad's father "Nicholas". just thought this was interesting....



Elle is a beth said...

It is interesting indeed.

It's also interesting that I often called you Nicholas in collage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is interesting. Glad your parents are taking it well.