01 December, 2008

changing my birth certificate and passport

just a quick note...
i started the research on how to change my name and gender on my birth certificate and passport. i was able to find a lot of information about changing my b.c., but also sent an e-mail to the vital records department asking for specific information. luckily new york allows you to change your gender on your b.c., so i'm happy i was born in a state that lets you do this. i was reading that the process for changing your name and gender is a bit more lengthy in new york than in other states and if the information i found is correct it looks like i'll need some more paperwork.

and as far as my passport. i found stuff concerning a name change, just couldn't find anything about gender, at least on the government webpage....so i sent out an e-mail asking for specific information. but i'm fairly sure i just need to send out my name change paperwork and the letter from dr. fischer. i'm just worried i need to send a b.c. also and i definitely don't have that.

i'm happy to get this process underway because it looks like i'll be traveling - where has yet to be decided - next summer and might need my passport.

tomorrow is four weeks since my top surgery. i've been updating my website a lot with everything that has been going on and trying my best to update here. i had a crazy fever last week and called dr.fischer's office about it and they put me back on oral antibiotics. my chest is looking good - well the right side...the left side is taking its time healing and i still have a scab on part of my nipple/areola. i've been using the antibiotic cream twice a day on it. my energy is definitely back up and my range of movement is coming back. i'm getting really impatient about the limited physical activity piece of recovery, but know it's for the best.

happy december.

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