18 May, 2010

15 days post-op

i had my post-operative appointment with my surgeon this morning and it went smoothly, as expected. besides the mild-endometriosis she found, she said everything else looks healthy and gave me the okay to begin working out again. i also asked her what everything is in the pictures she took during surgery for me (refer to picture from previous post). in the top left picture: my uterus is in the top left-hand corner and my fallopian tube is running down the far right-hand side of the picture. it's all pretty much the same contents in the other pictures, they are just taken from different angles.

overall, i am feeling well and really looking forward to working out again. i've had a little bit of pain over the past week and fortunately have been off the pain pills.

11 days post-op and some irritation from my band-aids

12 days post-op and what my incisions look like



Jenna said...

Hey Luke... :) Haven't seen ya post in a while so I thought I'd say Hi. Glad to hear that things are going well for you post-operatively. Give us a shout and let us know how things are going. :)


P.S. You got's yourself a sexy tummy there... :D

Chris said...

Hi Luke- My name is Chris- I stumbled across your blog while looking for info on endometriosis,PCOS,treatment options and gender stuff and I would greatly appreciate it if we could chat. I am facing a "diagnostic laproscopy the week of Sept. 21 and am having some communication issues with my Dr. Anywhoo- you can reach me at christina_susi@hotmail.com

L said...

Hi there Luke.

What type of top surgery did you have? I'm currently doing research for my own surgery options after being on T for about a year, and your chest looks great!

Also, what sort of workouts have you done for your chest, pre and post op?


Inonoyazy said...


arizona medical marijuana card said...

I agree. I hope you get well soon and look better.

Anonymous said...

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