06 May, 2009


hey dudes -
my apologies for not updating in almost a month - life has gotten so busy lately.
i found out officially that my thesis was approved and that i will be graduating the end of may! so now that that is good and done, i've been on a wild hunt for a job - nothing to speak of yet.

i went to a trans health and law conference in CT in late april and really enjoyed it. it was small, but the workshops i went to were intriguing and informative. most importantly i learned about the anti-discrimination laws in VT for trans people - we have rights! if you're interested check it out here: http://www.glad.org/rights/vermont/c/anti-discrimination-law-in-vermont/

a good friend and myself also held a "trans 101" workshop up at my old school for current students. there were about 25 people there, which is an awesome turn out for this small school - and people were actively engaged and interested in what information we had to share with them. i was and am really happy i was afforded the opportunity to do this workshop.

my website is still down and i am working on getting it back up - hopefully soon. yesterday 6 months post-op for top surgery - i am working out about 4 - 5 days a week and feeling good about my changing body. my year anniversary on testosterone is also fast approaching (may 13) and i am looking forward to reflecting on such a significant year.

i'll do my best to update more frequently.



Lost said...

New to the blog, glad things are going well. Good luck with the rest of your quest in life. :)

Diana said...

Jesus I can't believe it's been 6 months!