16 July, 2008


just a quick update about work. everything has been going fine, selling camping equipment and other cool stuff so nothing really to complain about. but the cool thing is that i have been passing with my co-workers. i think my low voice, 2 months on t and masculine name definitely help, i am thankful. i was pretty anxious about starting, but everyone seems to be pretty low key. i get referred to as he/him, what more could i ask for?



Anonymous said...


Nami said...

hi lucas :) this blog msg made me happy :) and makes me want to see you now! ahhh by the time when I see you next time... :)))) how exciting.. :)

Diana said...

That's so awesome! Well at least there's that one plus side to your job :)

Just keep the applications out there and hopefully something more "I have a masters degree" comes along..

Juan said...

Hey Lucas...Estoy muy feliz por ti. Really glad to see that things are working out for ya. Siiiiiiiiii :)amigo. Hope to see you before I leave B-boro.

Un fuerte abrazo.